2020 Virtual Class Winners !

Congratulations to all the winners

We would like to thank everyone who entered for supporting us in an unusual year! 

All winners entries will be displayed at next years show.  The winners will receive free entry  & be recognised in next years show, and sent an electronic certificate.

Thank You For All Your Support!

  • Winner JCP.png

    The Johnson Creativity Entry

    Make yourself into an Artwork.

    First: Talia Atkins

    Second: Victoria Turitto

    Third: Gill Christie

  • Rylie AP.jpeg

    The Palmer Poetry Entry - Junior


    First: Rylie age 7

    Second: Callum Bailey Yr 4

    Third: Mia Mosko Yr 4

  • EWAP.jpg

    The Palmer Poetry Entry - Any Age


    First: Elizabeth Wild

    Second: Pauline Langfield

    Third: Yvonne Woolven

  • 1 Teresa Newell.jpg

    Something from my Collection

    A photo of what I collect

    First: Teresa Newell

    Second: Leo Anderson

    Third: Hannah Anderson

    Highly Commended: Sophia Humphrey

    Commended: Yvonne Woolven

  • Longest Runner/French Bean

    Longest Runner/French Bean

    First: Oliver

  • 1st Ellie Rowlands.jpg

    Funniest Carrot

    Funniest carrot

    First Ellie Rowlands

    Second: Lewis Massie

    Third: Jessica Way

  • 1st Lydia Gidman.jpeg

    Cress grown in an unusual container

     Home grown cress grown in an unusual container

    First: Lydia Gidman

    Second: Hannah Anderson

    Third: Bonnie Gidman

  • 1 Hannah Anderson age10.jpeg

    Creatively Decorated Baking

    Home baked most creatively decorated Cake/Cup Cake/Cookie

    First: Hannah Anderson

    Second: Teresa Newell

    Third: Charlotte Collins

    Highly Commended: Amy Logeswaren

    Commended: Emilia Parvin

  • 1 zara bradshaw age9.jpg

    Best Handicraft

    Handicraft that best represents lockdown

    First: Zara Bradshaw

    Second: Yasmin Smeeton

    Third: Ellie Rowlands

1 Stephen Webb_NewarkP.jpg

Lockdown local Landscape

First: Stephen Webb

Second: James Matson

Third: Stephen Webb

Highly Commended:Elizabeth Wild

Commended:James Matson

1 Gidman family.jpeg

Lockdown Hair

First: Jeremy Gidman

Second: Tom

Third: Cliff Butler

Highly Commended: Tracey Lee 

1 Stephen Webb_Ladybird.jpg

Interesting Insect

First: Stephen Webb

Second: Evelyn Barrett

Third:Bernard Newnham

Highly Commended: Stephen Webb

Commended: Stephen Webb

1 Claire Doyle .jpg

Lockdown Exercise Class

First: Claire Doyle

1 Stephen Webb_mouse.jpg

Local Wildlife

First: Stephen Webb

Second: Stephen Webb

Third: Stephen Webb

Highly Commended: Sophia Walter

Commended: Danielle Matson

1 Natalie Newell mug.jpg

Household Object taken from unusual angle

First: Natalie Newell

Second: Elizabeth Wild

Third: Teresa Newell

Highly Commended: Yvonne Woolven

Commended: Yvonne Woolven

Pet Show (photo or short video)
1 Caspian Rubie.jpeg

Most Gorgeous Grown Up Pet

First: Caspian Rubie

Second: Hannah & Charlotte Anderson

Third: Rosie Niland

Pet With The Best Trick

First: Ines Mead

Second: Lexi Ashfield

Third: Leah Cowan

1 Izack Cowan.JPG

Cutest Baby Pet

First: Izak Cowan

Second: Sayan Panchal

Third: Frankie Barratt

1 Charlotte collins.jpeg

Pet Most Like It's Owner

First: Charlotte Collins

Second: Hannah Price

Third: Abi Lee