We've Gone Virtual !

Join in the fun!  All classes are open to all age groups.  

Enter our virtual classes by emailing a picture or short video of your entry to infopyrfordflowershow@gmail.com

Closing date for entries Wednesday 8th July 5pm

Winners will be announced on Saturday 11th July via our Website and Facebook page.

  • The Johnson Creativity Entry

    Make yourself into an Artwork.  Take a photograph of yourself dressed in the style of a famous portrait.  A good hint, Google "Famous Portraits" and look for one that you might have something in the wardrobe or cupboard that is the right colour, or you have suitable accessories for or e.g. a keyboard if the subject is seated at a piano!

  • Something from my Collection

    A photo of what I collect

  • The Palmer Poetry Entry


    An example is: Lonely laughing, Outside or not?, Clap for our heroes!, Kindess and helping, Distancing, On your own, When will it ever end?, New normal!

  • Longest Runner/French Bean

    Take a photo next too a ruler or tape measure of your longest Runner/French Bean

  • Funniest Carrot

    Take a photo of your funniest carrot

  • Cress grown in an unusual container

     Take a photo of your home grown cress grown in an unusual container

  • Creatively Decorated Baking

    Take a photo of your home baked most creatively decorated Cake/Cup Cake/Cookie

  • Best Handicraft

    Take a photo of your handicraft that best represents lockdown


Lockdown local Landscape

Lockdown Hair

Interesting Insect

Lockdown Exercise Class

Local Wildlife

Household Object taken from unusual angle

Pet Show (photo or short video)

Most Gorgeous Grown Up Pet

Pet With The Best Trick

Cutest Baby Pet

Pet Most Like It's Owner